Monday, 8 October 2012

Skandal Scorpene Masih Diteruskan, Bersedialah..

The lawyer petitioning the court in Paris to probe corruption in the sale of two Scorpene-class submarines to Malaysia has ticked off a French prosecutor for his remarks on the case reported yesterday by national news agency Bernama.

Prominent human rights lawyer William Bourdon, who is based in Paris, said there was no question of "an on-going trial" as the two French judges appointed to the case were still carrying out their investigations into the controversial defence deal between France and Malaysia.

"The Tribunal deGrande Instance has convened a criminal inquiry of which (Malaysian human rights group) Suaram has been accepted as a civil party since March 2012,"

NONEIt was only upon the completion of the inquiry that the investigating judge will make a decision of whether the case goes to full trial.

Bourdon (left) described French government prosecutor Yves Charpenel's statement that there was
"no trial" on the case as "absolutely contradictory" because the judges, upon completion of their investigation, are the ones to decide whether to call for a trial, and not the prosecutor.

"To our knowledge, the prosecutors in charge of the case have not made any such statement as suggested by Charpenel,"

"The two judges, Roger Le Loire and Serge Tournaire, are continuing their investigations on the Scorpene inquiry."

-petikan dari Laporan Susan Loone


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