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Tazkeerah Mendidik Jiwa

Diriwayatkan dari Anas r.a katanya : NABI S.A.W bersabda :

" Tiga perkara , jika terdapat di dalam diri seseorang maka dengan perkara itulah dia akan memperoleh kemanisan iman :

   1. Seseorang yang mencintai ALLAH dan RASULNYA lebih dari selain dari keduanya,  2. Mencintai seseorang hanya karna ALLAH,
  3. Tidak suka kembali kepada kekafiran setelah ALLAH menyelamatkannya dari kekafiran itu , sebagaimana dia juga tidak suka dicampakkan ke dalam neraka. "

(HR : Bukhari , Muslim)
Jika terjadi pada seseorang hal-hal yg menakutkan dan ia tertimpa malapetaka dan bencana, maka orang yang benar imannya akan anda dapati ia berhati teguh, berjiwa tenteram lagi tegar menangani dan menyetir sesuatu yang menimpanya dengan pikiran, ucapan dan tindakan yang dimampuinya. Ia kukuhkan jiwanya untuk menghadapi bencana yang menimpa itu. Sikap semacam ini adalah sikap yang menentramkan dan mengukukuhkan hati seseorang.

Sebaliknya, orang yang tidak memiliki iman, jika terjadi peristiwa-peristiwa yang menakutkan, anda dapati ia guncang hatinya dalam menghadapinya, syaraf-syaraf tegang, dan pikirannya tercerai-berai. Rasa kekhawatiran dan ketakutan merasuk jiwanya. Rasa ketakutan dari ancaman luar dan seribu gejolak di dalam telah tertumpuk menyatu dalam dirinya, yang tidak mungkin digambarkan. Manusia semacam ini, jika tidak memiliki beberapa sarana terapi alami yang hal itu membutuhkan latihan banyak, maka ketahanan dirinya akan luluh dan syaraf-syarafnya pun akan tegang. Itu semua karena ia tidak memiliki iman yang dapat membawanya untuk bersabar, terutama dalam situasi sulit dan kondisi yang menyedihkan lagi mengguncang.

Malaysia BOLEH ! Ramai Bankrup

Najib masih mendabik dada bahawa pengendalian ekonomi negara baik??

ini proses yg melibatkan Rakyat kebanyakan. Kerugian sykt kroni jauh lebih BESAR dan melibat BILLION Ringgit wang Rakyat !!

Radio FREE Malaysia

Malaysia’s newest independent radio station begins broadcasting on Monday night. Radio Free Malaysia will be available onMedium Wave at 1359kHz each night between 9pm and 11pm local Malaysia time.
The highlight of the first show will be a full-length exclusive interview with the PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim, who, like other opposition figures, has been largely excluded from Malaysia’s mainstream media so far.
RFM represents a ground breaking venture, because it will be transmitted from outside of Malaysia and therefore is not subject to licencing by the federal government. The station therefore aims to be free of the political interferences that have caused Malaysia’s media to become recognised as one of the most restrictive in the world.
“RFM will be free of political censorship by the ruling BN coalition and plans to provide a platform for alternative ideas and viewpoints”, explains founder Clare Rewcastle Brown, who is basing the programme out of the UK.
“It is well known that all press and broadcast media currently operating in Malaysia are forced to unquestioningly support and promote the ruling BN coalition and to denigrate the opposition parties, while excluding them from the chance to put their own policies and agendas before the people”.
“It is unacceptable that Malaysia poses to the world as a democracy and is about to hold a general election, and yet it is only members of the ruling coalition (in power for the entire 50 years since independence) who are allowed to have their voices heard by the people”.
Radio Free Malaysia is a sister station of the existing short wave programme Radio Free Sarawak, which broadcasts on shortwave for the benefit of indigenous communities in East Malaysia. However, the new nightly programme will operate completely independently on the more accessible Medium Wave band and use only Bahasa.
“A separate team has come together to run this show and their remit is to provide two hours a day of the sort of programming that people have been unable to find on any other mainstream radio or TV in Malaysia”, says Rewcastle Brown. “Just a few days ago one independent station was forced to withdraw an interview with Anwar Ibrahim from broadcast owing to political pressures [ We do not intend to be bullied in this way and now we can bring people the interview that the authorities have tried to ban”
“Anyone wanting to find out what the opposition policies and arguments actually are will now be able to tune in to our show, which can be accessed on any radio set in Malaysia and find out. At last people without access to the internet will have the opportunity to make a more informed choice at the ballot box.
It is has also been of widespread concern that mainstream media outlets are being used by BN to spread politically motivated slanders and allegations about opposition figures and their policies, while at the same time refusing to allow them the space to answer the allegations or defend themselves in any way.
“Our short two hour programme provides a very limited opportunity for people who have been attacked in the media to exercise their right to reply. It is not much, but it is better than nothing and I anticipate that people from all over Malaysia will be intrigued to be able to tune in for the first time to the opposition’s response to the barrage of attacks they have been subjected to. We intend to punch above our weight, because we are providing a much needed service unavailable elsewhere”, said Rewcastle Brown.
The programme will also focus on stories, which have so far been the subject of a disgraceful blackout in the regular media, because they are judged inconvenient to BN. Only the more free on-line news platforms have been allowed to give proper coverage to such matters as the Scorpene submarine contract scandal; the corruption scandals involving the Chief Ministers of Sabah and Sarawak; the murder of the model Altantuya; the so-called ‘cowgate’ scandal and numerous other cases of corruption and controversy involving those close to the BN government.
These matters are waiting to find a place on Radio Free Malaysia, so that a wider public can be made aware of the issues that have been suppressed in their regular newspapers and broadcasts, which are subjected to total censorship by ‘News Controllers’ answerable to the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture, say the producers.
“We would certainly be very pleased to also do interviews with any BN figures of significance who are willing to appear on our show”, confirms Rewcastle Brown. “However, they will not be getting the deliberate soft ride they are always accustomed to from the licenced media. We will ask tough questions about tough subjects, which as the people in charge of making decisions for the country they ought to be answering”.
Rewcastle Brown confirms that she will not be determining content. “There is a team of Malaysian producers and presenters who will be running Radio Free Malaysia, we are merely operating out of the UK in order to avoid censorship.”.
Radio Free Malaysia will also be operating a call in line so that listeners can take part in the show the toll free number is 1-800-815-309 and callers will be able to leave messages and their number at any time of the da The Radio Show will also be accessible on-line via podcast at its website
The station, which is operating independently of major donors, has launched a drive for donations via its website. We will not be able to maintain the project unless enough members of the public come to our help to support our costs. However, we are hopeful and confident that the millions of Malaysians, who are longing for a more free and open media will support us and keep us afloat

Usaha Terdesak BN Berdepan Dengan Rakyat Yang Tuntut Perubahan

With the 13th General Election almost upon us, PKR would like to forewarn the rakyat that this will be the dirtiest election in the country's history. There are high levels of fear within Barisan Nasional's (BN) leadership, despite the false confidence it portrays to the media.
More than the manipulation and control of information via mainstream media, government machinery is being abused to ensure a BN victory.
Taxpayers' money is being routed to cloud the rakyat from the reality that the country's competitiveness has slipped and economic achievements imbalanced. Umno leaders know their time is up. Despite their unrelenting arrogance, we are informed that their own intelligence reports tell them they are about to lose the election. Which is why the Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Razak is continuously delaying Parliament dissolution. Umno is actually struck by indecision and a crisis of confidence.
This is underlined by its extreme actions. The two prong tactic by Umno now is to scare the Malays and hiring mercenaries to use blogs to create and distribute doctored videos alleging sexual misconduct by PKR leaders. In the first prong they seed fear in the Malay community, telling that their future is doomed under Pakatan Rakyat. The truth remains that Umno is the real character gambling the Malay interest.
In the second tactic of alleging sexual misconduct, we are reliably informed that besides the present doctored video attempting to besmirch Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim's reputation, other sexual videos supposedly with other PKR leaders in them will be distributed soon. These videos are the result of digital image manipulation involving the coupling of separate scenes to provide the impression that our leaders are participating in sexual misconduct.
PKR would like to tell the Malaysian people that the instances of such insidious acts against us are expected and our leaders are capable of weathering them, for the righteous are often tested. NabiYusuf AS, Maryam AS dan Aishah RA faced too in their time such sexual allegations.
If these noble souls have been tested as such, surely humble men and women like ourselves will not be exempt from challenges and accusations. The experience will only increase our fortitude in this struggle and spurs us forward with more determination. We know the people see these doctored videos as desperate, despicable and over the top political tactics of Umno.
We are certain the Malaysian people will stand by the truth and won't be intimidated or fooled by Umno's morally reprehensible deceptions. They will choose wisely and build a better future for the country by voting Pakatan Rakyat.
Dato’ Saifuddin Nasution
Parti Keadilan Rakyat

Tawaran 10 Minit Untuk Manifesto Memalukan Demokrasi Malaysia

Parti Keadilan menolak tawaran masa media tidak ikhlas Umno
Parti Keadilan ingin menyatakan di sini pendirian menolak tawaran masa media sepuluh minit yang diberikan kepada kami oleh RTM.
Tawaran ini adalah satu sandiwara hodoh pihak yang jahilkan peranan media dalam demokrasi. Peranan media dalam sistem demokrasi ialah untuk memberi liputan dan laporan berita yang objektif, adil dan saksama. Adalah tidak wajar media diperalatkan sebagai mesin propaganda untuk memaksakan pandangan UMNO ke atas rakyat.
Tawaran masa media 10 minit ini adalah suatu penghinaan terhadap kepintaran rakyat.
YB Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad
Pengarah Komunikasi
Parti Keadilan Rakyat

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Perjalanan Rakyat menuju ke Putrajaya diteruskan.

Selepas sekian masa menuntut perubahan, mengorak langkah menghimpun sokongan, menahan dari tekanan regim pemerintah,


Parlimen TERbubar,

Rakyat akan menentukan disaluran UNDI

InsyaAllah kejayaan perjuangan Rakyat akan berakar-umbikan 4+1 negeri Pakatan Rakyat, menuju kearah MALAYSIA BARU.

S E L A M A T K A N   M A L A Y S I A


YES, finally Najib Bubar Parlimen, today, 3-4-13 (403)

Namun, Rakyat menuntut agar PRU BERSiH dan ADIL.

Jangan cuba sebarang tipu helah..